Sunday, July 20, 2008

A guided tour of our kitchen.

Because we didn't do anything today. No, I mean literally. We went out to get food, and otherwise just hung around. Mostly I read, but then I finished my book. There isn't even anything hilarious on TV. So now I'm chewing on my own fingers. Or blogging.

So I thought I would show you around our kitchen. It's pretty huge, so make sure you have your walking shoes on, ok?
Well...there you have it! Just kidding, there's so much more to see!

Like this Fairy Dish Soap, for example. So awesome I considered bringing some home!

And it's just not every day that you get the honor and priviledge of cooking on a stove that needs to be plugged in!

Oh wait, yes it is. And don't touch that metal knobby on the left - it doesn't change anything (the left coil is always on HIGH, and the metal knobby gets real, real hot.

These are our knives, which have clearly taken a vow of pacifism. No violence, shankings, stabbings, slicings, dicings, or opening of wimpy plastic packages for them. It's a very zen existence.

This is my massive counter space. (Not.)

This is the boys cheese grater that we have commandeered for our cheesing purposes (and because all the cooking gets done here anyway.) And also, the pot that I used to use to heat up water for bathing (don't worry, I washed it). That I may again get to use, because our hot water is on strike again, even though the boys say they still have it. Bastards.

To recap, there it is. Our kitchen(ette, ette, ette, it's very miniature) in all its glory. Where I've been cooking dinner for everybody almost every night since we realized it was tastier and cheaper and less stressful than eating in the cafeteria.

And now that you've had your tour, I'm sadly bored again. Oy.


tilliwinks said...

Squee to your kitchenette, you foxy russian housewifey lady, you.

Anonymous said...

Knives that have taken vows of pacifism! The knives at home are weeping in sympathy for them-or would be if tears wouldn't make their little carbon cheeks rustier than they already are.