Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Day 2 – 29 June 29, 2008

After nearly 12 hours of sleep, things are definitely looking up. And looking around confusedly, wondering where they are but definitely up.

At 1015, we met Masha downstairs, who cheerfully (finally! someone cheerful and friendly!) orientated us. We found buses 7 and 147 which will take us from our dorm to the University. We found the nearest metro stop, which is not near, and the route to walk there is fairly sketchy. Masha suggested we not take it late at night, but even if she hadn’t I think we are unanimously in favor of not being there alone or in the (relative) darkness. The escalators at the metro are epic, like the awful one in D.C. My vertigo was not impressed, though it still is not and that may be because I should just be waking up. Not even, because it’s a Sunday.

The food so far is good, and we’ve only eaten at the dorm. Of course, I am notoriously unsqueamish about strange foods. Poor Sasha is finding it a bit of a trial to be a vegetarian.

Strangely, our entire trip was planed through the internet, and we have none. So all those phone numbers we should call if we have questions are unreachable, as well as maps, city info, translation tools, and communication and news from the outside world.

Hopefully, we will get some internet access tomorrow, from the Kommandant, as Masha called her. Otherwise known as the grumpy lady who assigned us our rooms.

I borrowed Jon’s international blackberry to text Hannah, and ask her to text Chris. Hopefully she gets the message, and sends it along. I think I was overly optimistic about the ease of connecting to the internets here, considering we’re miles away from any internet cafes, and the internet situation in the room is unknown. I tried to plug our roommate’s chord into mine, but all I got was a LAN connection that helped me not at all. The wireless nearby is entirely secure, and passworded. Alas.

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