Thursday, July 10, 2008

And again

Still, no hot water.

I made bacon and eggs and toast for dinner. Apparently Russian bacon is even more salty than bacon at home. Like...almost unbearably so.

I have heated up water on the stove in which to wash my face. So there.


Yo Mama said...

I will keep your tub warm for your return. Enjoy the ballet.

annnnuh said...

alexandra may enjoy the picture of me on the banner of the athletics site (terrible goalkeeping form, I think they just took a picture of me standing up and then rotated it). I hope she is running up and down lots of stairs to keep in shape, it will make the flat 3 mile a piece of cake.

enjoy your breakfast for dinner ;]

tillie! said...

So yea, I had no idea that there was some sort of put-your-name-here thing, so i've been the tool doing all my comments anonymously, and adding a "hey it's tillie" blip... I am an intarwebs doofus.
Anyway, I hope your ballet is a gracefully rockin' good time! Enjoy it, and definately tell us all about it! Missing you from here, and scheming up return festivities! *hugs from the Fam*

long strange trip said...

Hi Lindsay,
Am enjoying the trip vicariously,
the animal pictures were hysterical.
Zach john and I laughed a lot last night. Keep exploring! Love Deb