Sunday, July 13, 2008


I woke up and my feet felt almost alive.

So we went downstairs and got warm yogurt drinks (erlack, they taste like cheese when warm). And I got an ice cream cone full of marshmellow and coated in chocolate, which is less gross than it sounds.

Waiting at the bus stop, a crazy old lady yelled at Charlie for something having to do with a car. That was all we understood. And Charlie said "I don't have a car!" and she said "Oh, but your friends do." She was literally standing there shaking her finger at him and it was all very epic. Originally we thought it was because he had been talking about the devil when she walked over, but turns out we did something to her car? Not so sure.

And then we got on the bus and we went off to the Hermitage for a while. Because you know what? It's free for students, and we can go as often as we want. So we can go for two hours, and leave when we get hungry and our feet hurt. So that is what we did. Some of my illegal pictures are up on my pictures thing. Today we saw the Ancient Near East (one room, four statues...), Egypt, and Greek and Roman statues. All beautiful, and the building is just splendid.

And then we went to Teremok. And I got my usual ham and cheese blin, and banana and chocolate blin and they were amazing. I also got beech juice, but I won't say it was amazing because it tasted like sweet and cloudy water. After that, we came back here, and got ingredients for pasta. The pasta sauce had hot peppers in it (we don't know why), and we grated our own parmesan and warmed up a baguette with some butter. Nomnom. We also got little pickles (not very good, because I opted for the cheap ones), and I got the goat beer. I call it this because the brand is "Goat" in Russian, and there's a picture of a goat on the label. It's pretty good.

During dinner, we watched Alice in Wonderland. Another good adaptation! The songs and things all sound great.

And now it's epic shower time, and studying, and bed before class tomorrow. Hugs!

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