Thursday, July 10, 2008

Not the Vodka Museum

Today we were going to go to see the Cruiser Aurora, since it was supposed to be a nice day. Since it looked like it was going to rain, we decided to go to the Vodka Museum today instead of tomorrow, and just could not find it. We walked around for a good long time and it was nowhere to be found. We think it may have been closed because of some construction? But we don't know.

So we came back here. Uneventful. Buffy's on again.

And now, for some geeking out. Girly-style.

I was so excited to come and get some makeup with Russian on it. Super excited! But as far as I can tell, all the good brands are imported. I might be able to find some really low-end stuff, but I'm trying to convince myself not to waste the money. They've got a Sephora-like store that has the same kind of stuff it has at home (Dior, Lancome, etc.), but I do want to go in and see if the prices are better.

And another geeking out point - is the perfume. Apparently Russian women love musk. At home, girl's perfumes are all light and flowery and overly clean smelling (like soap, to me). The only time I've smelled that here was on tourists. Here it seems to be the guys that wear clean-smelling colognes, and the girls are all musked out. Which is awesome, because it means that if I can smell someone's perfume, there's a good chance that I like it instead of getting a headache.

Not really much news, other than that. Excited about the ballet tomorrow, really want to take a nap. I keep not napping so I can sleep at night. Maybe I just should, because it's not working.

Still no hot water. Crap.


Anonymous said...

Tillie, here. Yay musk! I love it! It must be delightful to be in a room full of ladies and not feel as though you are drowning in the smell of fabric softner, mixed with cotton candy, and frou-frou. If only I could find a laaaaand of patchouli, black musk, and amber.
Oh no! How can a vodka museum leave? I hope it didn't drive. Friends don't let museums drive drunk. I'll email you a back-at-the-ranch update in just a bit :) Tons of jive on my end to jibber about! Miss you bunches!

kateandgabe said...

I have been faithfully following your blog since your mom sent me the link. I am slightly out of touch (only slightly) and didn't realize you were in Russia! I just saw you at Hannah's graduation!!

Take care!!