Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Was a bit of a down day.

On the way to class, we ended up on the most crowded bus I've ever been on. We usually take the little marshutkas to class, because they run more frequently and I think make fewer stops. But on the one this morning we were so crammed in that people had to get off to let people off at their stop, and then hop back in. For most of the ride I was holding on to the ceiling like I was in the flipping Matrix.

Then we had class. Class was good, uneventful. By the time we had our break, there were no more banana pastries left. I nearly cried. I did have a Super Fruit! Iced Tea, though. It tasted like iced tea with lifesavers. Nomnom.

After class, we went to the weird kebab restaurant for lunch. Nice and cheap, and the meat was easier to eat when it was in a sandwich and I repeatedly reminded myself that there were almost no parts of an animal I would refuse to eat, so what's the point of asking myself that question? After that, we walked along the river, intending to go to the Kunstkamera (Peter the Great's collection of bizarre stuff), but the line was immense. So we decided to go to the Zoological Museum, which was closed. So we got on a bus and came back here. I got some tea and some honey and that made my day, easily. I might have another cup before bed.

So we spent the afternoon watching TV (Bones, Buffy - season 5, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch all dubbed into Russian! Awesome!), and I spent a lot of time knitting, and realizing I had screwed up, and unknitting and reknitting. Then dinner, an adventure to get Charlie some headphones, and back here. We made a more extensive evil plan (John drew a calendar! what a fabulous idea!), and then I came back here to call people. But everyone's busy. Slackers. I should start calling home at weirder times, I guess.

We're already planning what we're going to get at the Chili's in the airport during our three hour wait in Chicago. It tastes delicious. But from what I've heard, it might take us three hours to find our own faces in the Chicago airport.


rachlll said...

so, are people taller in russia?

Anonymous said...

oh man, yea. O'hara airport is the very center of hell, cleverly disguised though it may be. I mean, you really hafta wonder... why would anyone build and AIRPORT in a place called the windy city?! Madness!