Friday, July 25, 2008

Aw, crap.

I'm a huge slacker.

Things are fine, haven't been eaten by rats (or swarms of bugs, though that almost happened, but luckily we had a broom and an awful lot of fun swatting).

The thing is, it's just seemed like the more I blogged, the more time that took away from being closer to being home. Which doesn't make sense, and therefore is not a proper excuse. But I'm sticking to it.

Things we have done recently:

Gone to the Hermitage! Gorgeous, huge, confusing, fabulous art, throne rooms, et cetera! I put some pictures up already.
Shopped until we dropped. Literally.
Got all our business in order, except for the returning of the keys and the linens so we can get some American dollars back to spend on emergency burgers and margaritas at the Chilis in the massive Chicago airport, where we will be for five hours tomorrow.
Flipped out about going home.
Played cards.
Flipped out...about going home.
Ate some stuff.
Went to the circus! Which was awesome. Expect extensive reviews when I'm ah...not so sleepy.

It's my bedtime. And then tomorrow, we travel. First plane leaves at 2 and gets in at...2. No, really. We get in before we leave because time zones are freaky. An hour in Denmark, and then epic Flightz0rs to Chicago. And then we get lost in the maze of the airport, and realize that Americans are loud and brash and everything is strange to us, and we find some fries and cry over them in the corner. And then we fly to Newark. And then Charlie's girlfriend picks us up at midnightish (the gem) and brings us to his house. And rumour has it we will eat bacon cheeseburgers. And then I curl up on the floor (and maybe suck my thumb a little bit, like a tiny baby) and sleep, and then my mommy comes to get me and I go home.

That is the plan. Wish us luck.


annnuh said...

bon voyage! have a safe trip, and see you at newark :]

tillie+3 said...

Yay to cool circus! I've only been to one circus when I was little and it was utterly terrifying. Starved animals, scary clown things, and circus peanut candy. Awful!
YAY FOR COMING HOOOOOME!!! Way cool, though sucks that you'll have to go through O'hara. Worst. Airport. Ever!
Can't wait to see you tentatively on the 2nd! You're all worldly and stuff :)